(60+ games produced between 1999-2012)

Almost all these games were released as shockwave or flash browser games and are no longer available to play.
Search the web for their titles and you may find old screenshots or video of them though.

You Are The Road

My entry for Molyjam 2012, a gamejam based on the tweets of spoof twitter account by @petermolydeux. You control the road. Your movements affect the cars and their emotions.

Damage Control
(2011, KitKat, via Skive)

Action puzzle game. Match patterns against the clock by destroying buildings with a wrecking ball.

Quad Bike Trail King
(2011, Box10, via

Quad bike racing through a forest track.

City Drifters 2
(2010, Box10, via

Racing game based on drifting cars around tokyo streets.

Hometown GP
(2010, Vodafone, via Skive)

Ground-breaking Formula 1 racing with dynamically generated levels. Players create tracks using a custom Google Maps route planner. Altitude, buildings, water and vegetation positioned according to route data and satellite imagery analysis.

Jungle Kart Island
(2010, Box10, via

Kart-style game around a small colourful island world.

Beach Racer
(2009, Box10, via

Beach buggy racing game.

City Drifters
(2009, Box10, via

Racing game based on drifting cars around tokyo streets.

Battlefield Ambulance
(2009, COI, via Skive)

Navigate an army ambulance to a village through aftershocks, collapsing buildings and bridges in an earthquake zone.

(2009, COI, via Skive)

Scout ahead in a Land-rover for a safe route for your convoy to follow.

Jackal Training
(2009, COI, via Skive)

Test drive the Jackal off-road vehicle around an assault course.

Shell 24 Hour Challenge, Multiplayer Version
(2008, Shell, via Skive)

Multiplayer version of the 24 hour racing game with dynamic day/night cycle.

Qashqai Stunt Champion
(2008, Nissan, via Skive)

Four amateur teams from across the globe practice outrageously dangerous stunts over dilapidated and flimsy ramps and equipment. Included track editor allowing users to design their own stunts.

WRC Rally Challenge
(2007, BP, via Skive)

Multi-stage rally game, collect petrol and oil while completing country, desert and snow courses.

Monster Racers
(2007, Box10, via

Monster truck racing game.

Eagle F1
(2007, Goodyear, via Skive)

Safe driving game, involving completing challenging courses while maintaining safe control of the car.

Crazy Racing
(2007, Cartoon Network, via Skive)

Kart-style game featuring various Cartoon Network characters.

Shell 24 Hour Challenge
(2007, Shell, via Skive)

Racing game with dynamic day/night cycle, damage and pitsops.

Polo Cup
(2006, Volkswagen, via Skive)

Racing game. Compete across eight tracks.

Ultimate Rally
(2006, BP, via Skive)

Based on the Dakar rally, drive through three different terrains, keeping an eye on fuel and damage.

Kids Next Door - Operation SAVE
(2006, Cartoon Network, via Skive)

Crazy treehouse-based waterfight action against pirates, led by the evil Stickybeard.

Petrol Ofisi F1
(2006, Petrol Ofisi, via Skive)

Formula 1 style racing around a city environment.

Crash Course Football
(2006, Ladbrokes, via Skive)

Control a team of cars playing football with an oversized inflatable ball.

M3Power Jetski Challenge
(2005, Gillette, via Skive)

Ride the waves around five ocean stages. Real wave movements and ramps add to the challenge.

Where iz Matiz
(2005, Chevrolet, via Skive)

Hide-and-seek 3D racer around a maze-like cartoon city.

Va Va Voom Driver
(2005, Renault, via Skive)

Abstract styled driving game. Starting with a chassis on wheels, collect component parts of your car around a city.

Waterslide Slalom
(2005, Starburst, via Skive)

Hurtle down twisting waterslides, avoiding the edges and collecting starburst along the way for extra time.

Get Closer
(2004, Wrigleys, via Skive)

Action platformer. Find your friends and get to the gig, collecting wrigley's packs along the way.

Table Top Football
(2004, Sky Sports, via Skive)

3D turn based football game.

Transformers - Rescue The Autobots
(2004, Hasbro, via Skive)

Action platformer. Find the autobots taken prisoner and fight decepticons in underground caves.

Urban Golf
(2004, Jaguar, via Skive)

Play courses around urban city locations, through car parks, building sites, subways and streets.

Bionic Athlete
(2004, ETB, via Skive)

Sports sprinting game featuring bionic powerups.

Beat The Wall
(2004, Tote Sport, via Skive)

3D Free kick game.

Weetabix Sports Games
(2004, Weetabix, via Skive)

Swimming, Cycling and Sprinting events. The only flash games I ever made!

MC3 Movie Premiere Game
(2003, Kodak, via robotduck/skive)

Game promoting an early handheld digital camera. Take photos of celebrities arriving at a movie premiere.

Park Life
(2003, Sony Ericsson, via robotduck/skive)

Action puzzle platformer.

Heatwave Racing
(2003, Hot Tamales, via

3D Nascar racing over 4 different circuits.

Vincent Grapes Ball Skills

Keepy-up game with lots of special moves and interesting items to balance.

Hannah And The Pirates Caves
(2003, Neopets, via

An action puzzle game involving flooding caves, booby traps and hidden treasure.

Destruction Derby Arena Wrecker
(2003, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, via robotduck/skive)

Control a swinging wrecking ball, causing havok within a destruction derby race.


Simple rendition of the classic moon lander game.


3D third-person snowball fighting. One of the first 3d web games!


Simple rendition of another classic arcade game, frogger.

Base Attack

A retro style side-scrolling shooter. Fast paced and difficult to beat.

DJ Decks

Two turntables allow you to play, mix and scratch loops of music.

Attack of the Zombie Cheerleaders
(2002,, via

A 3D fight to the touchline against hoards of zombie cheerleaders.

Concrete Surfer
(2002, Concrete Surfer, via

A side scrolling 2.5d skateboard game, featuring various skateboard tricks.

Vampire Boy

Action puzzle platformer, collecting Halloween candy and transforming into a bat.


Single-click game, a silly test of patience and reactions.

Run Rabbit Run
(2001, rabbit vocal management, via

Pac-man style action combined with key/door puzzles, power-ups and changing seasons.

Future Shepherd

Robot sheep are returning from orbit. Defend their landing zone and collect them safely.

Smiley Needs A Pint

Dodge falling items, while drinking beer. Controls sway and vision blurs as you progress.

Gerald The Clown

Retro Atari-2600-style game, control a see-saw keeping two clowns in the air to pop balloons.

Russian Roulette

Quiz game.

Head Tennis

Pong with topical celebrity heads.

Premier Fuzbol

One or two player table football.


Overhead 2D racing game, various terrains.

World Fuzbol

One or two-player table football game.

Bubble Madness

An homage to one of my favourite arcade games, Bubble Bobble. Lots of similarities with the original.

Seven Storms
(2000, Stan Lee, via

3D symbol-matching action puzzle game, tying in with a Stan Lee franchise.

Yard Invaders

Stylized black and white illustrated space invaders.